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Wall Street Gateway

Updated: Feb 15, 2020


Wall Street Gateway is a two-day experience sharing session where Wall Street leaders pass on all kinds of knowledge, including financial modeling knowledge learning, corporate valuation training, and financial market knowledge learning.

If you want to learn accounting, you want to learn equity bond investment ... don't hesitate! This will be an overwhelming opportunity for overtaking corners. The practical knowledge you can't learn in class, the big guy with Wall Street investment banking work experience will build a clear basic framework for business finance in just two days.

Resume structure and review

Professionals personally check your resume: Whether it is how to screen your experience when you apply for a student union, or how you can better represent yourself; or you are helpless in the profile of a business school application, and are unwilling to follow the stream to become a professor "Fatigue" in the Eyes-So, how to make a resume that is full of ideas and suitable for you? Don't worry, all these doubts will be swept away on the spot for you!

Effective interpersonal skills

Unspeakable or overwhelmed by a stranger? These are the small obstacles in your interpersonal communication. Learn from your predecessors who have been “socially afraid” like you, and work hard to get out of the comfort zone!

Certificate of completion that can be written into a resume

If you want to apply for a business school, what should you use to prove your business ability in the personal statement? I don't know where to write the content of the profile. These certificates can just solve the application problem. Fill in your application with a highlight that is different from others. The gold content cannot be ignored!

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