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About us

The Broad China Business Society, part of the Eli Broad College of Business, is the first business association at Michigan State University to study the US-China trade relationship and its future direction. Since its establishment in 2003, Broad China Business Association has established a good cooperative relationship with Fortune 500 companies, and is committed to creating a platform for students and enterprises to communicate with each other. We hope to provide MSU students with an opportunity to explore the business field and improve their soft power skills through the various activities.


布罗德中国商务协会隶属于Eli Broad 商学院,是密歇根州立大学第一个致力于研究中美贸易关系及其未来发展走向的商务协会。从2003年创立至今,布罗德中国商务协会与世界500强企业建立了良好的合作关系,共同致力于打造一个学生与企业能相互交流的平台。我们希望通过创办各类活动为MSU学生提供一个探索商业领域和提高自身软实力的机会。



The Birth of BCBS


BIBF Renamed






More Professional

Higher Goals

Two ambitious MSU students--Yu Zhibo and  Li Li, founded BIBF (Broad International Business Forum (BIBF), which is the predecessor of BCBS. We invited a group of students who were passionate about business to build a platform for international business communication. 

两位雄心勃勃的MSU学生Yu, Zhibo 和 Li, Li 创立了BCBS的前身,BIBF(Broad International Business Forum)。邀请了一批对商业充满热情的各国学生,为国际商务交流搭建平台。

We joined Eli Broad College of Business and renamed Broad China Business Society (BCBS). Then we turned our focus to the rapidly developing China. 

We also organized to famous Chinese enterprises and MSU Information Technology Forum during the summer vocation. More international students started to participate in our activities. Besides, BCBS also brought more Chinese elements to MSU.

我们加入Eli Broad商学院,更名为Broad China Business Society,并将重心转向高速发展的中国。


BCBS had been running Greater China Supply Chain Forum for twelve years.

Every year, we invite the world's top 500 enterprises and government agencies to attend the summit, where industry leaders give speeches on business trends and their views on the future in order to build a platform for students and enterprises to communicate.

We have organized members to visit Chinese and American enterprises and visited the big four accounting firms, such as Google, BrogWarner, Tencent, Huawei, Emerson and other famous enterprises.

BCBS已连续十二年举办Greater China Supply Chain Forum



In 2019, we had held four Michigan China forums, three international student job fairs, and various job fairs for companies such as Midea and Textron.

In 2019, we also held the career planning project of Wall Street investment bank (2019 Wall Street Gateway). In the Wall Street Gateway, BCBS invited guests from Citibank, Goldman Sachs Group, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and other top investment banks. In this activity, we held a two-day course to enrich students' knowledge and broaden their horizons.


2019年我们还举办了纽约华尔街投行职业规划项目(2019 Wall Street Gateway),Wall Street Gateway中我们BCBS邀请到了来自花旗银行,高盛集团,摩根大通,摩根士丹利这些顶级投行企业的嘉宾。在这次活动中,我们举办了为期两天的课程来为学生丰富知识,拓展视野。

In the 2021-2022 school year , we aim to improve the organization and hold BIBF (Broad International Business Forum). This event will help students to understand more about the business world and bridge the distance towards international market. We will also provide a chance of networking in this event.

2021-2022年,我们旨在改善组织并举办BIBF(Broad International Business Forum)。该活动将帮助学生更多地了解商业世界,并拉近与国际市场的距离。我们还将在此事件中提供Networking的机会。

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